M O N T E R O S S O  A N D   C I N Q U E  T E R R E

Suspended between dream and reality, situated in one of the most evocative gulfs in the world, the Cinqueterre narrates its millenarian history. 

Let them hold your hand and you'll discover these wonderful places made out of small characteristic stone paved streets, stone made dry walls, ancient houses and crystalline sea.

The Cinqueterre are situated in the extreme east side of Liguria. These five ancient villages, hidden in charming valleys facing the sea, display an evocative landscape unique to the world. 

The Cinque Terre is a patrimony of humanity comparable to the Pyramids of Egypt, or the Colosseum of Rome. This is because the Cinque Terre represent the history of a population that was birthed in the 10th Century.

A millenarian history made out of human sweat to conquer the mountain, a 
small piece of land to cultivate.

The stone made dry walls which line the terraces of the surrounding mountains, some of which are only a couple of meters wide, are the veins of this wonderful place where the DNA slides through the inhabitants; inhabitants who, year after year, meter after meter have built a wall whose length, if aligned, exceeds the length of the Great Wall of China.

Enchanted places, where for only one time, the reality exceeds the fantasy. 


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