The building is now formed by two distinct blocks: the first one is called "Maris Stella" , the second one is known as "Father Minozzi".

The first block, named "Maris Stella", accomodates self sufficient people. It is a three-storey block with a lift.
On the first and second floor 14 small flats with bathroom (some for disabled) and a sitting room have been created.
The dining room has been located on the first floor whereas the common room is on the second floor.
Each flat has an autonomous heating system with automatic air-conditioning and it is endowed with any facility the guest may require, included the emergency call device placed on the bedhead and in the bathroom.
We cannot avoid mentioning the two wonderful terraces that from the third floor look on to the blue sea of the "Cinque Terre".

The second is a four-storey block and it mainly accomodates non self-sufficient guests; there are two lifts of which one is a trolley lift.
- On the ground floor there are the dining room and a large common room: from there you can easily reach the outside wide space lined with trees and the gardens equipped for the old people.
- On the first floor you can find the reception hall, the administrative and management offices, the Chapel, the kitchens and the refectories facing the sea with their large windows.
- The second floor is endowed with 21 rooms with bathroom, of which some are equipped to meet the disabled people's needs, an infirmary, a bathroom with a tub especially devised for handicapped, the gymnasium for physiotherapy, and a sitting room.
- On the third floor there are 11 rooms with bathroom, of which 8 have access to a splendid terrace from which you can admire the amazing panoramic view with the sea and enjoy the peculiar scents of the maquis of our land. Two other equipped bathrooms are on this floor, of which one with a tub for disabled people.


Our home is endowed mostly with rooms with two single beds and a bathroom, some of them being equipped for the disabled; on guests'demand articulated beds like those used in hospitals and antidecubitus mattresses are available.
On each bedhead there is an emergency calling switch connected with the infirmary, in order to guarantee a rapid intervention in case of help.


As for an old person the fundamental purpose of a good diet is to keep him/her in good health conditions: that does not necessarily mean to get used to a monotonous menu, it is true the contrary! Our menu, clearly displayed in the dining rooms to the attention of our guests and their relatives, is carefully planned over a five-week period and changes in the winter and in the summer.

Particular relevance is given to the typical local cooking, about which the famous poet Eugenio Montale's words read "it is rich in wonderful cold dishes like the "cima ripiena", the "torta Pasqualina", different types of filled vegetables ("courgettes", aubergines, anchovies), vegetables in oil and in vinegar, mushrooms, all food that looses nothing if its hypothetical consumer has not appeared yet on the horizon. As for the well-known "pesto", here, there is a quarrel that will come to an end only with the death of the basil".
In case of particular dietetic needs, a doctor of the Medical Staff will provide the specific prescriptions.


Our Residential Home is provided with a private bathing resort equipped with huts, umbrellas, deck-chairs, sunbeds and other facilities.
Professional bathing-attendants offer their alert experience and organise pastime activities.


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